Custom Built Controllers

  1 game pad
Handheld (more popularly known as gamepad-style) grips
(DG200 part numbers)

First delivered in 2003, these grips are available from 6 weeks after definition / order. Readily available options include:
•    A range of force sensor miniature displacement joysticks (various knob styles and 3 operating forces now available off-the-design-shelf)
•    Miniature Hall effect displacement joystick (for lower operating forces)
•    Sealed deadman’s handles and guarded triggers
•    A wide range of switch options and in-grip serial interfaces
•    A quick-release mounted mechanism for applications that require the grip to be secure against unexpected shocks.
 2 yoke
Yoke / gunners' control handles (DP400 part numbers)

First delivered in 2004, our yoke – or gunner-style – control handles are available with potentiometric or Hall effect sensing. They offer various angles of displacement and feature completely customisable plastic grips. They are available from 8 weeks after definition / order.
 3 compact displacement
Compact hand-operated displacement joysticks

Developed for those applications where space is at a particular premium or a more compact arrangement is otherwise preferred, this joystick takes up less room above and below panel. Two examples are shown, reflecting the fact that our wide choice of switch, miniature joystick, guard, lever and other options is as available with this design as with our 'standard' MP1/MG1 range.
 4 Tigger Guards
Trigger guards and enabling levers

Here are a few examples of our range of trigger guards and enabling levers available for joysticks and control grips.
 5 Finger-operated displacement joysticks
Finger-and-thumb operated displacement joysticks
(DP200 part numbers)

These are rugged joysticks with a footprint of less than 70mm / 3 inches above panel and 50mm / 2 inches below panel. They feature customer-specific shielding, interface, switch and enclosure arrangements. We added the 3-axis IP67 variant in 2006 as part of the launch of the DP200
 6 Naval throttle control grips
Naval throttle control grips

Military grade throttle control grips with customer-specific interfaces, detents and functionality.
 7 Naval command and control system2
Naval command and control system

This military grade trackerball and fixed grip with integral miniature force joystick is mounted in an enclosure containing a customer-specific electrical interface.
A 3 inch diameter military grade trackerball mounted in panel with 3 selection switches. The electrically-screened housing contains a PS2 interface.
  9 Military simulator
Military simulator

Fighter/bomber throttle box including wing sweep setting
 10 Land based fire control
Land-based fire control

2 axis displacement joystick fitted with multi-function grip containing two push buttons, 4 way trim switch, trigger and additional 'miniature' switch. Lower enclosure is demountable with integral reinforced mounting plate, transit lock and customer specific electrical interface.
 11 Electronic warfare system
Electronic warfare system

2 inch diameter military grade trackerball with press-to-switch action mounted in customer-specific housing with integral RS232 interface.
 13 Helicopter mounted target acquisition system
Helicopter-mounted target acquisition system

2 inch diameter military grade trackerball with press-to-release action, mounted in panel with 3 nominated switches. Housing contains Mouse Systems Mouse compatible electrical interface.
 15 Air traffic control
Air traffic control

Military grade trackerball modified to provide enhanced electrical conductivity and reduced toxicity products of combustion.
Hand-operated, force-sensitive joysticks (DJ100 part numbers)

Suited to commercial and military applications, our miniature force joysticks feature reduced diameter with press-to-switch function; reduced length with press-to-switch function; large deflection; bushing body with internal bellows; top mounting flange and environmental seal. They include front selection of knobs.

19 Land based missile control system

Land-based missile control system

Fully sealed control grips with integral miniature force joystick. Smooth external finish designed to prevent retention of nerve agents.

20 Fire control-1

Fire control

Multi-function control grip with 'protected button' side pod, mounted on a force-sensitive joystick base.

23 Target acquisition system

Target acquisition system

Control grip with integral push button, miniature force joystick, 3-position toggle switch, trigger and 'deadman’s' handle.

s hover controller

Helicopter winchman's hover controller

Flight-approved, night vision goggle-compatible hand controller for use in harsh environments. Single level of redundancy.

14 commercial simulator

Commercial simulator

2 inch diameter commercial grade trackerball mounted in plate with vandal proof switches.

16 Film and video colour correction system

Film and video colour correction system

2 inch diameter commercial grade trackerball with third axis control ring and clear ball.

17 Commercial and military applications2

Commercial and military applications

IP65 sealing 'surface mounting' miniature force joystick for zero below panel space requirement.

21 Fire control

Fire control

Flange-mounted, multi-function control grip with integral miniature force joystick and nulling circuit.

22 Fire appliance ladder control

Fire appliance ladder control

2 axis switching displacement joystick and simple handle with integral top mounted toggle switch.

24 Armoured fighting vehicle fire control

Armoured fighting vehicle fire control

Matched pair of control grips. Left grip has a 3-position toggle switch, 2 push buttons, 1 side mounted push button, single action, double pole trigger, with trigger guard. Right grip has 3- position toggle switch, miniature force joystick, push button, side mounted push button and single action trigger.