Modular Controllers

With our modular system you can configure standard components with a range of options to meet your needs. We hold stock for tens of thousands of configurations, making it the fastest and most cost-effective way of sourcing a hand controller for your particular application.
This means that we can deliver a basic modular controller within a week of order with no engineering charges. It also provides an exceptionally quick provisional solution when you need to hit the ground running, giving us time to work with you to put together a comprehensive, final solution for your system.
All Daco products are engineered under an AS9100-approved quality system and are covered by a minimum two-year warranty.

TrackballsTrackballs are ideal for applications that require the accurate positioning of a cursor on a display screen. Our trackballs are extremely robust and designed to provide an exceptionally smooth free and linear action.

Displacement JoysticksDisplacement joysticks - Our modular displacement joystick range has been specifically developed for applications that require robustness and reliability combined with optimum accuracy and a user-friendly feel. They are most suitable for dynamic applications, such as remote vehicle operation and camera tracking systems.


Forced Operated Miniature JoystickForce operated miniature joysticks - Perfect for vehicle-mounted or airborne equipment where optimum precision within a small control space is needed. Force-operated or stiff stick joysticks, have no moving parts, are extremely reliable, and often used in conjunction with a control grip.

Control GripsControl grips – Control grips act as the direct interface between man and machine, and the design of the grip often dictates the usability and success of the overall system. Our MG1 modular control grip has been designed with absolute versatility in mind.