The Daco MP3 force-operated joystick is extremely robust, small and easy to use.

Excitation Rated 10V or ± 5VDC
Maximum 12V or ± 6VDC
Input resistance 650 Ohms nominal
Output Resistance (per half bridge) 325 Ohms nominal
No force ±125mV maximum
Sensitivity 95mV/N nominal
Full scale (FS) 1.0 ± 0.2VDC
Balance (+FS to -FS) 200mV maximum
Resolution Stepless
Non-linearity ±1% FS maximum
Hysteresis at zero ±0.3% FS maximum
  ±1.0% FS maximum if elastomer seal used
Interaction ±5% maximum
Zero offset thermal drift ±0.04% FS/°C typical
Insulation >50M Ohms at 50VDC


Force, full scale 10.5N nominal
Force, maximum ±0.35mm nominal
Deflection, full scale 10.5N nominal
Weight 25gms maximum
Life >3x106 FS cycles
Temperature Operating -40 to +70°C
Storage -55 to +90°C
Sealing (panel sealed) BS 5490 IP67
External materials (front of panel) Anodised aluminium alloy
Epichlorohydrin 60 (elastomer seal)
Joystick body Black anodised
Joystick knob Black anodised