Five Deeps Expedition - a small part in a huge project

The Deepest Submarine Dive in History

The Five Deeps Expedition is the first to attempt to reach the deepest point in each of the Earth’s five oceans: the Puerto Rico Trench in the Atlantic, South Sandwich Trench in the Southern Ocean, Java Trench in the Indian Ocean, Challenger Deep in the Pacific and Molloy Deep in the Arctic.

On April 28, 2019, the team reached what is commonly known as the deepest point on planet Earth: Challenger Deep within the Mariana Trench. Using the submersible Limiting Factor, designed and built by Triton Submarines, LLC, the expedition reached a maximum depth of 10,928 meters/ 35,853 feet deep, 16 meters/52 feet deeper than any previous manned dive.

We are proud to have been ‘On Board’ this historic mission with one of our 3 axis displacement joysticks forming part of the Limiting Factor’s piloting controls.

We wish this incredible team the very best of luck for their final “Deep” dive in late August, the Molloy Deep in the Arctic Ocean.                                              

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