Case Studies

Here are a few examples of applications currently using Daco hand controllers. It is not a complete list so please contact us to discuss your particular requirements

Design changes – fixed control grip

A European customer recently installed a new system on board an aircraft. Following airborne trials, the end customer requested ergonomic changes to the fixed control grip.

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Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles

Complex underwater remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs) are increasingly popular. In order to maximise the effectiveness of such vehicles, operators require multi-axis hand controllers with an unusual level of reliability.

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Command and Control

Originally conceived for naval applications, command-control-communication-intelligence (C3I) systems provide a central collection point for information. They also facilitate the sharing of information and allow action to be taken based upon it. The information itself may come from onboard sensors or from remote sources such as other elements of a group.

Hand controllers supplied for use in C3I systems can be among the most complex of any application. The difficulty is usually not related to functionality – it’s about integrating the hand controller into an electronic system that often uses a customer-specific interface protocol.

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Weapon Fire Control

When it comes to hand controllers for weapon fire control applications, reliability, survivability and usability are paramount; if considered properly, these provide cost effectiveness over the longer term. These issues were crucial when Daco won an order for 100+ control grips to be used on ground-based air defence systems. The grips obviously had to be rugged, but in "normal" use they also had to be completely sealed against water.

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Armoured Fighting Vehicles

Perhaps more than any other application, armoured fighting vehicles require extremely rugged hand controllers. Space restrictions are also a big factor, as is the need to operate the hand controller when the vehicle is moving.

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Replacement parts –
displacement joystick

A fighting vehicle customer was testing its latest system at a US proving ground, with the end customer present. During the testing a technician accidentally broke a switch top on the displacement joystick.

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