How to ensure your finished controller is fit for purpose

So, you’re about to embark on specifying a hand controller, but how can you be sure that the final product will be right for your application?

This is one of the common dilemmas faced by many engineers. And it is a factor that is particularly crucial when controllers are needed within tight turnaround times as there is often limited room for manoeuvre once an item has been manufactured.

Here are four ways you can help improve your chance of receiving a product fit for your purpose:

1.     Shape the process – the configurations available to engineers vary widely and, as such, it’s important you play an active part in the entire specification and manufacturing process. By adopting this approach, you will help ensure that the finished product fully meets your requirements. Work with a manufacturer that values providing customers with a sense of ownership, from start to finish.

2.     Transparent approach – it’s not always possible for you or the manufacturer to predict exactly what changes are required and when they’ll need to be implemented. However, you can easily minimise the likelihood of receiving any last minute surprises by selecting a manufacturer that operates an ‘open door’ policy. Regular and open dialogue not only enables any issues to be dealt with more efficiently, but provides a clear indication of the progress being made.

3.     Points of contact – being provided with a primary point of contact, ideally the engineer developing your controller, is pivotal to ensuring the entire specification process is as slick and issue-free as possible. Before you appoint a manufacturer ask yourself – will one of their engineers ‘own’ your product? Will you also be provided with direct links to other key contacts, including senior management? Do they have a transparent approach to dealing rapidly with issues?

4.     Quality assurance – as with all professional specialists, hand controller manufacturers must adhere to industry standards. Ensure you get the best at every stage by selecting a manufacturer that is AS9100 certified and offers a minimum two-year warranty. When it comes to defence articles, such as hand controllers, select a supplier that adheres to J-STD-001 Class 3 for every order to ensure you receive optimum quality and reliability.

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