Our In House Specialist Gauging Team

We are proud to be one of the few specialist companies to manufacture our own force-operated joysticks, both thumb and hand operated. The thumb operated joysticks can be built into our customised and modular hand controller range or supplied directly to customers for their integration.

Force-operated joysticks use strain gauges to convert applied force into an electrical output, which provides the direction and the scale of force for the joystick.

How we make a strain gauged joystick.

Strain gauging is the intricate process of bonding a pair of semiconductor gauges to a spring, then wiring it to a PCB across an X and Y axis, nearly all such work being done under microscope.

We start with a polished and cleaned spring to which we apply a thin layer of glue, varying spring designs providing different end user feels. All four sides of the spring must have a perfectly level, thin layer of adhesive.

After the adhesive has been cured, the delicate gauges are carefully positioned, then glued to the spring; two gauges for each axis.

These are also cured before the gold-plated platinum wires are soldered to the PCB to provide a connection. This is the most delicate part of the process. The wires are thinner than an average human hair and need to be shaped with a loop (to provide strain relief) before soldering.

We use some of the smallest gauges in the world and our experienced team is highly skilled in this very specialist field. Keeping this process ‘in house’ enables us to provide a high level of service and lead time agility whilst retaining our exceptional focus in all aspects of process control.

As always with a Daco hand controller, there are ample opportunities for you to customise your joystick, including a wide range of already designed and proven knob and body styles.

More reasons why we like to call ourselves “the FASTEST specialist hand controller company”.

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