All Daco products are covered by a minimum two-year warranty and very few require routine or scheduled maintenance.  

Our warranty terms and conditions are as follows:

1.    Goods manufactured by Daco are guaranteed against failure resulting from defective design, materials and/or workmanship provided that any failure is not due to mis-use. The duration of this guarantee shall be 24 months from the date of despatch from Daco. This guarantee shall be limited to either the exchange or repair of the goods or the refund of the purchase price against the return of goods. No liability whatsoever beyond that defined by the Consumer Protection Act 1987 can be accepted for any loss or damage arising out of any failure of the goods.

2.    Where the goods supplied are not manufactured by Daco, then the guarantee or warranty of the original manufacturer shall apply.

3.    If goods are returned to Daco, responsibility for carriage rests with the Purchaser. If Daco accepts liability, then Daco is responsible for return carriage.

4.    If goods are returned and no fault is found or liability is not accepted, then a charge of not less than £50 shall apply and the Purchaser shall be responsible for all carriage.